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The World Beyond the Stairs: Mary's Journey (Book 1 of 4)

On her drive home from work, Mary Reynolds is caught in a horrific ice storm and takes refuge at her grandmother’s house for the night. Unbeknownst to her, she opens an invisible passageway to a strange new world called Divinity.

In this wondrous land, adults resemble children and all living creatures communicate through a special telepathic bond.

Is it reality or merely a dream? Be among the first to read Mary’s Journey and decide for yourself. 

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The World Beyond the Stairs: Mary's Journey (Audiobook)

Read by UK Narrator, Hannah Barnes. The story of “Mary’s Journey” is vividly brought to life.  

Coming Summer 2020!

The World Beyond the Stairs: The Northern Lands (Book 2 of 4)

Mary’s search to find a way back to her world continues.

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Humans Are Strange Creatures

Ever wonder what your pet was thinking?

Well, this story is a brief look into the mind of a dog named Bailey and how he finds the things that his human family does very odd.

Coming 2021!

Night Sheen: The First BLACK American Superhero

During the American Civil War Era, a young, runaway slave named Nat Clayhorne suddenly finds himself endowed with miraculous abilities.

The only question is: Now that he has them, how will he choose to use them? 

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